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on all stock , from large to 8XL and 36” to 60”, excluding underwear and socks

Everthing must go !!!

BUSINESS FOR SALE, can operate anywhere in South Africa. Because of the demand for larger sizes mens clothing, franchise opportunities would be possible. Contact us at

Wil u belê in 'n mansklerewinkel? Ons is reeds 12 jaar in die bedryf, eienaar tree af. Die besigheid kan na enige stad of dorp in Suid Afrika verskuif word. KOntak ons slegs op

If you are unable to reach us, email us at or call 051 430 7105, get your quote and we will deliver the order to your front door. “

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About XL Clothing

Providing top brands in all sizes

Andre and Marie started XL Clothing in George on March 1, 2012, because Andre was built big and could not find men’s clothes in George. On the way to Cape Town, to replenish my wardrobe, we started talking about starting a shop like this in George.

With a lot of research and little money, we did it despite warnings that there was no money in big clothes. It was then that we found out about a lot of school fees and that we were not going to become millionaires.

However, it provides great pleasure to help the larger male person and make another living out of it.

We have been going for 11 years now but still learn every day and even though we work hard, we enjoy what we do. our business.

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